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janetJanet Bailey Burch

Originally from New Jersey (where the state animal is the horse) and educated at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, Janet Bailey Burch has adopted Kentucky as her home state. For close to 30 years, she has worked in the horse industry as a trainer, coach, and judge. Art was a valued release from the busy and hardworking equestrian life. In 2000, after being excepted as a juried participant of The Kentucky Crafted Marketing Program, she began selling her "Punk Ponies" at art fairs and trade shows. Now using a balancing act between the horse world and the art world, she has developed a following of collectors from all walks of life who love horses and her unique use of color and pattern.

janaJana John

Jana is a clay artist who specializes in whimsical masks and other pieces with a cat or woman theme. The Oklahoma native reveals her Southwestern roots in her choices of colors and patterns. Operating as Showkitty Pottery, she hand-builds pottery from slabs of terra cotta clay. She applies her quirky sense of fun to a variety of pieces, including masks, platters, bowls, spoonrests, ornaments and pins. Jana works from her studio at home in Louisville, where she lives with her husband, Butch, and cats, Munch, G'Kar and Dot. She started by taking a just-for-fun pottery class and now has been doing pottery professionally for about 12 years, presenting her work at art fairs, in exhibitions and in galleries around the country.

joyJoy Lait

Joy took up glass beadmaking as a personal challenge; she had no expectations of becoming an artist. But since taking up the torch, her fascination with glass has become an obsession. Operating as Stone Crow Studio, she creates glass beads with passion and flair. Each flameworked bead is a unique and individual creation. Her work wins awards each year at the Louisville Artisans Guild Annual Show.

SharonSharon Major

Sharon took a metal smithing class to relieve stress and fell in love with manipulating metal to create works of art. She calls on her years of teaching science to middle-schoolers in her metal smithing -- the melting points of metals, the chemistry of color changes and the exchange of electrons in gold and silver. Many of her designs are inspired by nature. Now retired from teaching, she devotes full time to her jewelry making business, which she calls Frog Hollow Creations. She has traveled the country to study with nationally known artists such as Valentin Yotkov, Cynthis Eid and Ann Hollerbach. She is one of the few artists in the area to work with corrugating silver and to practice the ancient art of chasing and repoussage.

AnnAnn Klem

Addicted to glass—that’s Ann Klem.  In love with glass for years, getting hooked happened about eight years ago when her daughter talked her into accompanying her to a beginning glass bead making class. Since receiving her first torch for her birthday and an oxygen concentrator for Christmas, Ann has been creating hand-crafted glass beads and jewelry and selling them through art shows and galleries.  The hook went in deeper when Ann took a “warm glass” class and learned to fuse and slump glass. Making artistic and functional pieces of glass that include photo frames, bowls, and trays, Ann is enjoying glass’s unpredictability, translucency, and intense colors. Her business is Ann Klem Reflections. She lives with her husband, Dean Smith, and a guard cat.

Patricia Brock

A lifelong resident of greater Louisville, Patricia began taking photographs as a youngster with a box camera given to her by her mother. She first began photography as a hobby to document family history and record her travels and became spellbound with the intricacies within the photographs. The interest of Patricia’s friends and family in the realistic, natural style of her photos gave impetuous to her professional venture and her business, Captures of Nature, was launched. Today her work is exhibited in juried art shows, specialty shops and galleries. She and her husband Chandler Blewett enjoy taking excursions and capturing new images.

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